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Practical and stylish bags for school start 2022

Posted by Remy Johansson on
Tre personer med snygga väskor och ryggsäckar för skolstarten

After a long and wonderful summer comes the long-awaited or perhaps dreaded start of school. But do not worry, with our smart school bags you can keep track of everything you need! Whether it's time for the very first day at school, at university or at work, we have guaranteed the perfect backpack for you. With one of our bags on your back, you carry your accessories comfortably, stylishly and safely.

A classic backpack that holds the measure

Spring "Greta" backpack is a very stylish backpack that becomes a nice accessory. The backpack is timelessly stylish with its adjustable shoulder straps and details in imitation leather. Thanks to its two comfortable shoulder straps and its spacious main compartment, "Greta" is the perfect companion for the school student, student or office worker. The backpack is available in several colors - green / beige, black, blue or green. This is the perfect option for you who want a slightly neater backpack that still manages to hold all your essential accessories.

Stylish retro backpack in the color green / beige. Available in several colors. 
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The backpack that works for both children & adults

For you who want a colorful alternative that works for both children and adults, ours is ours backpack “Ingrid” the obvious choice. The backpack can be bought in either yellow or pink - two colors that enliven! With its large main compartment, its extra compartment for computer / ipad and its smaller inner and outer compartments, "Ingrid" is an excellent school bag. In the backpack you get easy space with both computer and books - perfect for you who are a student or school student. Thanks to its comfortable shoulder straps and its spacious design, "Ingrid" is also perfect to take with you on the trip with the school. Unpack your lunch bag and change completely without any problems. With its many good qualities, "Ingrid" is a backpack and school bag that will last for many years to come.

Practical backpack with extra compartment for laptop or ipad in the color pink. Also available in yellow. 
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Spacious backpack with computer case

Do you need a new computer bag for work or school? "Hedvig" is the computer bag with a modern style that transports your computer nicely and safely. The backpack is available in black or gray and has several inner / outer compartments where you can easily fit all your stuff. The bag has, among other things, a spacious main compartment with a side pocket for the computer or tablet. The outer pockets are stylishly integrated on the outside of the backpack, which makes the backpack look "sleek" and professional. A solid, high-quality and comfortable backpack / computer bag simply.

Comfortable and modern computer bag. Available in black and gray. 
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Anti-theft & stylish backpack

"Gösta" is the backpack which suits all occasions. With a stylish look and a spacious inner compartment, "Gösta" fits perfectly at school, at work or on trips. On the back there is also a flexible "anti-theft" compartment where you can safely store your passport or wallet. On the inside, "Gösta" has a proper computer compartment, a large main compartment and a mobile or document compartment. Thanks to its adjustable shoulder straps, you can carry all your assets comfortably. Take "Gösta" with you to school, on excursions or on the trip - the possibilities are endless! The backpack is available in four stylish colors; blue, green, black or gray.

Stylish retro backpack with anti-theft compartment for wallet or passport. Available in several colors. 
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Spacious & retro backpack

Do you want a stylish backpack in a retro design? Then comes spring backpack “Julia” to become your new best friend. In addition to being a very functional bag with several practical storage spaces, "Julia" is also a backpack that is comfortable to carry. Regardless of whether you are packing a lot for school, work or the excursion, you will have room for what you need. The backpack is made of canvas and microfiber leather - two durable and durable materials. The bag "Julia" is available in several exciting colors and can be bought in green, red, black, gray, blue or beige.

Spacious backpack in delicious retro design. Available in several colors. 
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Did any of our suggested products catch your interest? All our products are "non-branded", which means that they do not have a logo on the outside. This gives the bags a stylish, classic and uniform look that never goes out of style. Buying a computer bag or backpack from us is also an investment in the high-quality, affordable and functional bags of the future in Swedish design. In case of any questions about any of our bags, you are of course welcome to Contact Us.

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